Yeshivas Kayitz Costa Rica

A few words about us

  • About Our Camp

    Yeshivas Kayitz Costa Rica (YKCR) began its journey in 5770 with the backing and support of Chabad Lubavitch de Costa Rica, and the approval of hanhalas hayeshivos.

    Knowing the gap for the bochurim at this class and age -- being a bit old to be a camper and just a bit too young to be a staff member, a few of us, together with the support of many parents, searched to create a program for the bochurim to continue their year with learning.

    Geared to bochurim ages 16-17, YKCR is a comprehensive program designed to strengthen and maintain a high level of learning and Chassidishe behavior throughout the summer. We seek to provide a warm and caring chassidishe environment, so that the talmidim will b'ezras Hashem carry that spirit with them into the next learning year.

    To infuse Yeshivas Kayitz with a lively spirit full of interesting shiurim and inspiring farbrengens, we have handpicked experienced staff members. They are specifically chosen for their dedication and devotion, and are available to the bochurim at all times and to attend to all their needs.

  • Learning Program
  • Click here for learning pictures from last year.

    Learning will iy"h take place in the newly-furnished, air-conditioned Beis Chabad.

    We have a unique learning curriculum adapted to all levels of learning. We believe that learning should be a stimulating, "geshmake" experience -- to change the idea from simply "learning" to "enjoying learning".

    Here is a brief, preliminary overview of the learning curriculum:

    We plan to deal with one Sugya every 2 weeks Each unit will include A Modern Day Case Study "What Do You Think?" Discussion Gemara-Rashi-Tosfos Selected Meforshim Follow-up with the Shulchan Aruch with "The Rest of the Story."

    The reasoning behind this approach is Bochurim are naturally interested when Torah is presented as something tangible, Bochurim will see the geshmack in how a practical, modern-day case develops from the Gemara to Halacha!

    CHASSIDUS - Avodahdike Maamarim from the Frierdiker Rebbe

    HALACHAH - Inyonei D'yoma -- practical everyday halachah, what to do and how to do it right.

    Mivtza tefillin -- how it began and the Rebbe's halachic approach
    Cholov Yisroel and Cholov Akum
    and iy"H many more

Safety and security

Safety and security are our number one concerns. We are pleased to share the following information so you can assess your comfort level in sending your son.

Costa Rica is known for its high standards of medical and dental care. The local community is blessed with excellent, caring, dedicated doctors of the highest calibre, several of who have a special interest in the care of the Yeshiva boys. For medical consultation and treatment we have available to us two friendly Jewish doctors who are members of the Chabad House: Dr. Gutreiman, an internist who is readily available whenever we need him, and Dr. Fainzilber, who is the head surgeon of the Cima hospital, located minutes from the yeshivah quarters. In addition, a private medic is scheduled to accompany the yeshivah on every trip.

Transportation is provided on coaster buses; the drivers live in and know Costa Rica and are professional drivers.

We do our best to research the trips, keeping safety in mind and consulting with Rabbi Spalter. Living conditions are also planned with security in mind; yeshivah quarters are located in the same neighborhood as the former president and many foreign embassies; the American embassy is a five-minute walk.


The Yeshiva has a cook and kitchen on premises and serves 3 nutritious meals daily. Please make note of any allergies on the medical form so we can try to accommodate in whatever way possible.

Sports and recreation

There are sports fields near the Yeshiva grounds. The bochurim will be strongly encouraged to participate in those activities as it takes a healthy, active bochur to learn well.

Neatness and Cleanliness

The Yeshiva has cleaning help on the premises on a daily basis. However in order to impress upon the Bochurim the importance of Seder, they will be expected to keep their personal belongings neat and organized. The counsellors will conduct periodic checks to that effect.


Our dorm has a washing machine, but no dryer (clotheslines are the custom in Costa Rica). There will be a rotation for washing of clothes.

Security of Possessions

Since the Yeshiva has cleaning help on a daily basis it is important not to keep any valuables around. Passports, plane tickets, extra money or other valuables should be put in an envelope and given to the counsellors to be placed in the yeshiva safe. Cameras, etc. should be well hidden. The Yeshiva accepts no responsibility for lost articles.


The electrical voltage in Costa Rica is 110 watt, as in the U.S.


Iy”h we plan to have an American line in our dorm and the staff will have cell phones that you can use to call your son.


Communication between parents and hanhala/staff members is very important to us. We feel, as you do, that in order to be successful we need a joint effort. Your phone call is precious to us and do not hesitate. Do not wait for us to call.


Costa Rica has two seasons: wet and dry. We are entering the wet season; good rain gear is essential.